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UnderDark : Defense MOD APK (God Mode) for Android

UnderDark Mod APK is tower defense genre game where you will must protect fire from attack of darkness.

Name UnderDark
Publisher LiberalDust
Size 129 MB
Version 2.0.7
MOD Info Immortality, Damage Multiplier, God Mode
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MOD Info
  • Immortality
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
Download (129 MB)

UnderDark Mod APK – Explore dark underground world and protect ire

UnderDark Mod APK is unique game in Roguelike RPG genre, give player challenging and exciting adventure experience. Game was release on mobile platform and receive love from gaming community.

UnderDark Mod APK

Introducing UnderDark Mod APK

UnderDark Mod APK is adventure game protect dark underground fire. In UnderDark, player will take on role of brave hero in fantasy world. Eternal flame, symbol of hope and light, is threatened by fierce monster.

Your mission is build solid defense system, use smart tactic and fight tireless protect fire from dark. You may be upgrade and place towers strategical ward off attacks and use support item grow stronger. Game has gameplay is easy control with one hand and is very suitable for strategy lover.

Main features of UnderDark Mod APK

Protect flame from darkness

In UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Immortality, you will play role of brave hero. Your mission is protect eternal flame from attacks of dark monsters.

Roguelike RPG gameplay

UnderDark offers challenging Roguelike RPG gameplay. Each level offer unique experience with new enemy, challenge, loot. You will must adapt and come up with new strategy overcome all challenge.

Diverse defense system

UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Defense has diverse defense system with many different types of defense tower. Each type of tower has it own unique ability. You may be combine type of defense tower create perfect defense strategy.

UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Immortality

Upgrade hero and support spell

You may be upgrade your hero, unlock new skill and increase combat power. Use powerful spell aid your strategy and gain advantage in battle.

One handed gameplay

UnderDark is designed with easy master controls, allow you play with one hand. Help you enjoy strategic fun anytime, anywhere.

Other highlights in UnderDark Mod APK God Mode and High Damage

  • God mode: In mode, your character will become immortal and cannot be defeated by enemy.
  • High damage: UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Damage Multiplier allow your character deal higher damage than normal. Help you easy defeat monster and stronger opponent.
  • Invincible: With feature, your character will become invincible, unable be injure or affect by any factor in game.
  • Mod speed: Feature allow you increase your character movement and action speed, help you quick explore and complete mission in game.

Useful tips to play UnderDark Mod APK

  • Gets know game world and task: Before you begin, familiarize yourself with place and task in UnderDark. Give you general idea of game and help you tackle each task efficient.
  • Creates well round team: Ensure your team include member with various role and talent. Help you handle different scenarios and fully utilize your character ability.
UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Damage Multiplier
  • Employ effective tactic: Win in UnderDark game depend on having strong tactic. Use surround your advantage and apply skill and magic careful beat your opponent.
  • Gathered and enhances gear: Alway look for new gear in game. Upgrade your gear boost your power and combat skill.
  • Utilized uniques ability: Every character in UnderDark has unique ability. Use these ability wise help you overcome obstacles in game.

Advantages and disadvantages of UnderDark Mod APK


  • If you want explore both path, going through UnderDark first is more beneficial as it is easier in term of experience.
  • Player may be activate invincibility mode, make character invulnerable and invulnerable.
  • Allow player increase their character strength, including damage, defense, attack speed, movement speed.


  • Using Mod APK may be lose original balance of game, making game too easy and lose its challenge.

Actual player reviews about game UnderDark Mod APK

UnderDark is very interesting tower defense strategy game. I like how to build and upgrade defensive tower fight monster. Engaging storyline and unique side features make game different. I like how each hero has unique ability and equipment branches out according to type of hero. Beautiful graphic and effect, creating attractive feel for player.

UnderDark Mod APK Menu and Defense


If you are lover of adventure and exploration, UnderDark will definitely be game not to be missed. Get ready immerse yourself in dark and challenging underground world. Where every step may be lead you to new discovery or face unforeseen danger. Download UnderDark Mod APK and start your journey today.


Download UnderDark

Download (129 MB)

You are now ready to download UnderDark for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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