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Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK (Dinheiro Infinito)

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK is game for you participate in process of manage city largest supermarket chain engage.

Name Supermercado Gerente Simulator
Publisher Digital Melody Games
Size 122 MB
Version 1.0.23
MOD Info Dinheiro Infinito
MOD Info
  • Dinheiro Infinito
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Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK – Become excellent manager in convenience supermarket

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK is game that gives you the exciting experience of becoming a supermarket manager. As manager of a convenience store.

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK

You will start be responsible and have your own strategy develop highly profitable store. Game is free download on Android operating system. Below are some interesting facts that you should discover don’t ignore.

About Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK will get let you step into an immersive world into a manager of a convenience store chain. You will start your work by attracting customers with discounts on items that are in discount program. It’s smart strategy for you can attract customers who are in need.

Here you can rearrange the items in sequential way be able to give customers easy use and choose. It’s one of the management ways that you need train your employees.

Because when the little things will help you to grow the largest store grow stronger. It also gives you the ability filter products and manage warehouses at the end of the month. So this will be simulation game so that you can honestly develop your management skills.

Highlights in Supermercado Gerente Simulator APK

Track sales orders

To be able to avoid inflation you need monitor meticulously in the purchase and sale. There are many different game modes for you train your management skills.

Also when there is more revenue you can upgrade your store to become wider. Will meet all customer needs when coming to your store. Facilitate you to display more items.

Change the model of new products

In selling, be aware of the products close to date because it will be affecting consumers. So it is necessary to carefully select and control regularly to have new items on the shelves.

Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod

Therefore, you should regularly monitor the selling and dominant items so that all kinds of goods can reach the user’s hands.

Coming to the game Supermercado Gerente Simulator will help you realize your dream of becoming a manager with convenient supermarket. Along with the features below will help you get engaging experience.

Features in Supermercado Gerente Simulator dinheiro infinito

Extensive shop upgrades

This is one of factors will help your store grow and expand. Create all conditions for you to get a high source of customers and revenue for the store.

Then you can upgrade your store has a large area and a completely new interface. This will also be a reason to attract customers your store for many times to come.

Personnel management in the store

In Supermercado Gerente Simulator, you need to train the staff to get a style of easter that makes customers appreciate. So the more you have train in a lot of skills so that they can develop.

That’s also the reason why customers will return to your store shopping items with high bills. So you regularly improve the serviceability of employees.

Weekly promotion

That’s one of reasons why your marketing campaign is so important attract customers. Because when you promotion will attract a lot of customers to choose products and shopping. It’s also time for you promote your store with wide variety of products and bring in a large revenue stream.

Supermercado Gerente Simulator APK

Unlock multiple warehouse management features

This is an interesting features for you manage your warehouse. So you will know what product you sell in month and week. With the warehouse management tool will of deployment. This will be a great feature for you when starting Supermercado Gerente Simulator.

Tips to play Supermercado game Gerente Simulator Mod APK

  • Detailed planning: You need have specific plans for trading supermarket chains. You need choose the location and build the store. You also have balance your budget, purchase goods, and return on profits.
  • Personnel Management: You do not have to choose the appropriate personnel selection and interview. And you need to train the sales skills needed for them. When you have employees you will manage more quickly.
  • Data analysis: based on data each month that stores report. You will use the ability analyze business in smart models. From there, you can find out which store are growing steadily. And you’ll tailor your business strategy accordingly thrive.
  • Shop upgrades: You need try cross check and upgrade equipment in store. You can also decorate store according to festive event. It will help you attract more customer.

Advantages and disadvantages of Supermercado Gerente Simulator


  • Very realistic and vivid simulation fo supermarket chain management and growing.
  • You are free be creative and demonstrate your business ability in store development.
  • It is possible to build and grow unlimited quantities, but it will depend on the capital you are.
  • Business gameplay is full of new and realistic so that players can experience and learn a lot of experience.


  • Supermercado Gerente Simulator has a highly competitive element so that every player can get the best of his ability.
  • You need to connect to the internet during the game operation as well as interact with other players.
  • The game to connect to the internet during the game the players have patience and spend lot of time completing mission.
Supermercado Gerente Simulator dinheiro infinito


Supermercado Gerente Simulator Mod APK helps you get chance to become manager of chain stores. Here you will come up with strategies promote the growth of high sales

There are many outstanding features that will make it possible to grow the store expansion to become wider. Download Supermercado Gerente Simulator APK to get engaging experiences.

Download Supermercado Gerente Simulator

Download (122 MB)

You are now ready to download Supermercado Gerente Simulator for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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