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Fredina Night Club APK 2.0.3 (Full Game Wattpad, Latest Version)

Fredina’s Night Club APK will take you horror game were creatures are influencing and making the store mysterious.

Name Fredina Night Club
Publisher Cally3D
Size 109 MB
Version 2.0.3
MOD Info Full Game Wattpad, Latest Version
MOD Info
  • Full Game Wattpad
  • Latest Version
Download (109 MB)

Fredina’s Night Club APK – Explore the horror wold and win the mysterious creature

Fredina’s Night Club APK is a horror style summer game with many things hiding a store. There are many mysteries that are happening unusual at the pet store. What you need do is start adventuring into a supermarket and become a night guard.

Fredina’s Night Club APK

The game will be even more interesting if you wear headphones will feel the drama and thrill of every moment you explore. Game allow you download it for free on Android operating system.

About Five Nights At Freddy’s Night Club APK

Fredinas Night Club APK is horror game with many task and mysteries to solve. Come to this game you will start to become a protector of a supermarket. But you will do at night and begin to have strange situations appear. Because during the day everything seems to return to normal as nothing.

All were covered by a dark  magical force that turned the bears int he pet store. Having become a monster they begin to act on humans when at night. There will start to be unusual movements around the store. You begin to learn and find the answer so that you can decipher the curse for the store back normal.

Highlights in Fredian’s Night Club APK

Scary atmosphere at the pet store

But when he started playing Fredina’s Night Club, things seemed to be frightening with the cold atmosphere. The player will begin the role-playing so and start the journey to destroy the monsters and their skills.

You will get the first view for you to look at the hidden corners easily. They’ll start you fitting into a room without light. But it is easy recognize that the eyes will be red, so you need be careful to destroy and defeat them.

Enhancing the ability observer and think in each action

Coming to Fredina’s Night Club, you need to be to be able to think and develop strongly. Because you will be involved in questions that you need make a decision. Every decision you make will affect game so you need to consider to avoid repeating this game.

To ensure safety you nee to watch security in the supermarket. To be able beat and dodge but also to pay attention around so as not to be sneaky. Fredina’s Night Club is a fascinating game that you should explore.

Fredina’s Night Club APK Android

Key features in FNAF Night Club APK

Explore the CCT room

This is a safe room where you can press the lif and attack to defeat the creatures. This is a fascinating adventure and you should also attention not to leed or do attention.

Because if so, they will suck up all energy in room that will make it difficult for you explore game. So all your actions need to be deliberate so as not to affect and start running for me. If so , it will take to slow down the  progress for you develop the game.

To then point to attack creatures

Fredina’s Night Club will equip a lot of  weapons so you can attack monster when fighting. But you also have be careful to avoid injuring them. Because when you hit certain attack, it have very serious effects on your blood volume and healthy. So take the right time to lure them into a shelter that will attracted ti the energy that safe door will gradually open.

Join answers quizzes

Coming to Fredina’s Night Club, you can solve the mystery behind the store. Purpose and bring life back to the previous on and make more customers attract to the pet store. So need to overcome puzzles of conundrums  be able to find mysteries.

Enhanced observation ability

In the game Fredina’s Night Club, your observation abilities will be trained and enhanced. It makes possible interact with your surroundings. This is the environment so you need be carefully about everything. Because there are times when itis an illision so each of your actions must be come attentive to observation in order to able win.

Fredina Night Club APK

Tips to play Fredina Night Club APK game

  • Look around and listen to noises: You should focus your vision on hidden areas. Observation combined with listening to moving sounds will help you get small clues. From there you can complete the task of protecting the pet to be safe.
  • Solve every puzzle: To be able to find the mysterious code. Players need overcome lot of difficult puzzles. You can use items suggest answers.
  • Unlock and collect item: You need collect as many items as possible. Game offers items with zero term and free. Sometimes it will help you unlock door or puzzle.
  • High mental focus: You must always br in a position be ready to face the unexpected. Game always has unexpected situations. So you have stay calm and watch everything around you carefully.
  • Use smart lighting: You will be given a flashlight used to illuminate at night. Take advantage of that to lock for horror creatures before it sees you.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fredina’s Night Club APK Para Android


  • Increased emotional experience: Horror game will bring you a thrill and scary feeling. This will bring excitement and excitement the experience.
  • Fascinating storyline: Fredina’s Night Club takes pictures of pets as the focus. This will help you feel close and enhance the horror.
  • Intellectual challenge: The game makes up a series of puzzles with difficulty levels. You have to use your skills and mind reason and find answers.
  • Realistic sound effects: Horror games are added to the scary thanks to the sound. Sound in the game is designed ghostly.


  • Internet connection: Players need an internet connection to participate in online games.
  • It can be obsessive: Since this is a horror game, players need consider some problems before playing.
  • Configuration: Fredina’s Night Club requires user to use a device with a compatible configuration.
Five Nights At Freddy’s Night Club APK


Fredina’s Night Club APK  horror game with many mysteries for you to discover. The player will solve all the troubles and rescue the pet from haunting Downloads Fredina’s Night Club APK Android to start the adventure experience and defeat the dark power.

Download Fredina Night Club

Download (109 MB)

You are now ready to download Fredina Night Club for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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